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Um, I'm confused are you saying that potatoes and carrots and all that stuff is bad, also goldenseal? They were made. They were man made? Yes. But they came out the ground like you said before. That is exactly what I told Miss Holloman why do you want to reject the carrot juice and the beet juice when they come out of the ground.

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10 Of The Best Podcasts To Help You Dr. Sebi Dr. Sebi Sea Moss

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You see you and I went to school, but I didn't go to school, but you did and my children most of them did. But when you come home with from school all you come with is ABC and one two three.

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Then when you go to be a grown person then they give you philosophy, but never in the curriculum they showed you life. So how would you know what life made from what man made. You have no defense, you don't know. Whats the difference between a burdock and a. . . A burdock plant has a hundred and two minerals.

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A plant that man made could not have a hundred and two minerals because God make everything complete. Man with a laboratory he cannot tie together all those minerals. So, what is the difference, what God made it electrical and what man made not so. You still bewildered, because they didn't teach you that. They didn't prepare you in school, but they didn't prepare us in school for that. How would you know that, how would we know that now? How would we know that a mule was made through what? Crossbreeding a horse and a jackass, but if God wanted mules to be here, he would have made mules right? The same as the carrots.


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