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Hi loves and welcome to a brand new video. Recently I read on People's magazine online an article that says how you should work out as a Victoria's Secret model. I'm definitely interested in toning my body like a Victoria's Secret model and that's why in this video I'm going to show you how it feels, what I think of and how my body looks after working out as a Victoria's Secret model for the first time so this article I will link that down below is super clear because it states everything that a Victoria's Secret model does in her work out and let me tell you beforehand I don't think this is easy at all actually it's quite a hard heavy exercise but I'm super excited to do it so what is it exactly entails. First off, you are supposed to do 100 ab exercises Yes that's right 100 The ab exercises consists of 25 toe touches okay those toe touches were quite hard Maybe it's me but I find it very difficult to reach my toes This is the first time doing these toe touches ever so bear with me a little bit but we're now going to move on to 25 sit ups 25 supermans By the way I'm going to hold them for 25 seconds each.

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Victoria Secret Models: A Simple Definition Victoria Secret Models 2018

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It does not say anything on the actual article but that just what I'm going to twenty-five BOSU ball abs okay the next one up are 25 BOSU ball exercises that's like the half ball Unfortunately I do not have one right here so I'm just going to do some of these toe touches because those are very hard on me and I'm going to try and see if I can improve them so I'm going to do 25 of those instead Okay 25 done. If any of you have recommendations on how to improve these leave them in the comments down below thank you Okay next up 12 dumbbell squat presses 10 dumbbell incline presses 20 seconds of the mountain climber a 30-second jog and then you do that all three times in a row We already did one of the sets super-proud if you're doing this workout with me that I'm super proud of you now it's time for a little water break I think we deserve that before you move on to the next set of three Cheers guys.

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Why You Should Forget About Improving Your Victoria Secret Models Victoria Secret Models 2021

Then another set of three consists of weight squats and you do those 15 times then you do step back lunches with a curl and you do six on each leg, then you do a bent over row and you do that ten times and again these exercises you will repeat for three times then the last set of three consists of a laying hip trust with weighted tricep extension I just had to read that because that was a mouthful what you basically do you lay down on the ground, trust your hip in the air and hold while doing 20 tricep extensions you do an elbow plank push-up and you do that twelve times And then you hold a plank for a thirty seconds start now and again you do that three times in a row So guys we did it! That was the Victoria's Secret workout As you can see I'm quite sweaty but it was so worth it. Best workout ever of my life. I loved it so much everything about it it's just so much more than I normally do and you really get pushed to your limits in my opinion so I would totally recommend this if you are also willing to try to work out then please let me know in the comments down below if you tried it because of me or because of the article. Let me know your opinions about the workout. Do you think it's hard? Do you think it's hard enough? Just let me know in the comments and then I will respond to all of you guys promise. So thank you so much for watching I'm going for a shower and a dip in a pool and just a really cool down moment because I think I deserved that and yeah super happy with it I did get some abs I will show it to you guys with me it always forms quite quickly because I'm quite thin and I have a feeling that after workout you can immediately see it so I will just show it to you guys right now so this is what my belly looks like right now quite toned in my opinion my arms yeah I'm quite happy with the results what do you guys think so yeah that was it with that I want to end this video if you don't want to miss out on any of my vlogs or normal videos like this sit-down videos or workout videos lifestyle beauty fashion you name it I do it all then hit that red subscribe button to become part of the Vander squad and then once again thank you so much for watching bye bye. .

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