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How to attract positivity in your life, how to attract abundance, how to get rid of everyday problems or even release negative energy with a glass of water, a pen, and a piece of paper. I describe in this video the famous technique of the magic water glass. Hello everyone, I am Romain Clément from Gaia Meditation. If you already know the channel, I guess you are already know of our content involving the law of attraction, positive affirmations, subliminal music with subliminal messages, or even kaleidoscopes with "Mind Movies" to attract abundance, to attract love, to improve health, to manifest anything you want.

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A Beginner’s Guide To Glass Of Water Glass Of Water Clipart

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If you are interested, I share some links in the description of the video. Today I will tell you about an equally effective technique involving the law of attraction, it is the magic glass of water technique; but first of all, to fully understand all the fundamentals of this technique, I would like to take a little moment to talk about the power of water.

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So if you want to skip this part, you can directly go to the explanation of this technique from the description of the technique by clicking directly on the timing in the description or on the chapter of your choice in the progress bar, but I highly recommend you to listen to what follows. As you know water is essential to life, we drink it, we use it to wash, to cook and for many other things, and since the dawn of time, we know it well. water is a real messenger. Water sends messages and at the quantum level we know that the information, that the message is encoded in the domains of water coherence. Take for example the case of herbal teas, if we take a few verbena leaves and put them in a cup, pour hot water into them, let infuse for a couple of minutes. What's happening then? Verbena will release its message, it will release all its benefits in the water and what are we drinking then? We drink the verbena's message, we drink its benefits. Now let's take the example of holy water.

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10 Things To Do With Glass Of Water Glass Of Water Under Bed

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When a priest blesses water, what's happening? He spreads an intention, a message that we drink afterwards; so it is the same for all the miraculous waters of sacred places, places loaded with energy. To better understand the power of water, I am going to tell you about the work of Doctor Masaru Emoto who made really incredible discoveries about water, about its ability to print information, messages that it receives. transmits at the oral, written or musical level. He was able to take many very surprising photos, showing that the water crystals could take different forms depending on the intentions, the messages that were transmitted to it. With messages of love, peace, harmony, we therefore obtained very harmonious crystals and, on the contrary, with low energies, negative energies such as war, anger, we thus obtained crystals that were very unharmonious, and rather chaotic. We can then underline the importance of the information of water that we drink every day, and we know well today, the human body is made up of 60 to 70% of water and that it reacts in the same way to any information, to any external message that we receive orally, in writing or quite simply through the music we listen to every day.

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The Ugly Truth About Glass Of Water Glass Of Water In Spanish

Other researchers have worked and are still working on the powers of water; I am thinking in particular of the fascinating work of Doctor Jacques Benveniste or even Professor Luc Montagnier on what they call the Memory of Water. As for my brothers and I, we are quite curious by nature and before saying things we like to experience it for ourselves, especially from the work of Doctor Masaru Emoto. So one day we decided to focus on a fairly well-known experience: the rice experiment. You have surely already seen pictures on the net . . . it's about taking rice, cooking it. We used a rice cooker, we recovered this cooked rice that we divided into two strictly identical pots. On one jar, as you can see in the picture, we wrote words with high vibrations: the word love, the word joy . . . and on the other jar, we wrote words with low vibrations like fear, anger, etc. We then left our pots in a corner of the family house out of sight and we deliberately chose to ignore these pots for several weeks, two to three weeks. At the end of these two to three weeks as you can see in the photo, the results are stunning: on the one hand we have the first pot with the words with high vibrations. The rice remained white and on the other side with the low vibration words, the rice turned black. Of course, we repeated the experiment a second time with the same results. You can also see if you want on the internet, there are other people who did the same experiment; the photos are all equally surprising, and there are also other similar experiments that give the same results. Moreover, if you have already reproduced this kind of experience, do not hesitate to tell us all about it by leaving a comment below the video. Now let's come back to the magic glass of water technique. What is it for and how is it used? This technique will be very effective in attracting whatever we want; so it's important that these things remain positive of course, it's not about doing black magic rituals. What can we possibly want to attract? So we can simply want to feel good, to feel better, to support a healing process, we can ask to attract abundance in all its forms, to attract love, to feel gratitude, to be more able to let go. You have surely heard of this technique. You have surely noticed that several people applied this technique in different ways. I will introduce this technique to you the way I practice it myself and you will see, you to adapt it yourself according to your intuition. Don't follow your mind, really follow your heart. If you find it better to do it differently, feel free to experiment, to do it yourself. What do we exactly need to perform this technique? It's very simple, you need a clean glass, a pen, and a piece of paper, and of course drinking water and not too polluted of course. The purpose is to re-energize and re-inform this water, with the new message that you wish to transmit to it. The first step is to write your wish on a piece of paper. It is very important to be as clear and understandable as possible, to choose the right words; indeed when you write you are sending a message to the universe which conspires to bring you the answers and the solutions. It is very important to write in the present tense, neither in the future, nor in the past tense. In general, it is written in the form of positive affirmations in the present tense, therefore avoiding long sentences. We must keep in mind that everything is energy and vibration and as we have seen with the work of Masaru Emoto, the words themselves are vibrations, are energy, and they convey a message. For example if one wishes to attract abundance, one can write: "I am aligned with the energy of wealth and abundance" rather than "I wish or I would like to attract abundance". We can also add gratitude and we can write: "I am grateful for all the money that I receive". The universe does not understand play on words. Just as positivity attracts positivity, it is very important to avoid negation or words with negative meaning. For example if one writes: "I solve problems in my life", the universe hears the word "problem" and you risk manifesting even more of it in your life. So it is very important to keep positive words, precise phrases and in the present tense. Even stronger than formulating your wish in the form of an affirmation, you can also do it in the form of afformation. What is an afformation? Afformation also uses the law of attraction. Everything is in the difference in interpretation of your subconscious mind compared to the fact that it is much more sensitive to questions than to direct sentences. When we formulate an afformation, the universe is responsible for providing you with the response which is picked up by the subconscious mind. I'll give you a little example; in the form of a positive affirmation, one can say "I deserve the best in my life"; in the form of afformation, one can formulate the following question: "why do I deserve the best in my life?" The question is very clear and it is worded as if it had already been recorded. The universe will therefore provide the answers to the subconscious mind which captures the information and you therefore get the answer to your question. Of course, both work very well, the best is to experiment on your own to have your own idea and draw your own conclusions. It is also important to write from the heart and to be aware of each step of the protocol. It is also very important to make only one wish per paper and per glass of water. To avoid confusion, we can add a step to amplify the message, and for that we will activate the energy in the water; we rub our hands very hard against each other until we feel a certain heat and then we will put our hands like that, around the glass, without touching it, a bit like a Reiki treatment, we close our eyes , we breathe deeply and repeat mentally or aloud the positive affirmation or afformation, and very importantly, with a strong intention. In the continuity, while keeping the eyes closed and a slow breathing, we will begin to visualize intensely the situation which we wish to attract in our life, while soaking up well of each emotion which results from it. What is happening at this time? The electromagnetic field of the heart increases and amplifies even more the energy transmitted in the glass. Finally you will leave the paper containing the message folded or opened under the glass for 24 hours if possible or 12 hours at least. A bit like I explained to you about herbal tea which requires a certain time to infuse, you will give the water time to download the information, the message that you wrote on the paper. It is therefore very important to allow the necessary time to energize the water. Know that you can do it at any time of the day; if you want to do it in the morning that's fine, but I recommend that you do it in the evening because it will really give water enough time to print the message well, also because in the evening there is less pollution , noise pollution in particular. We can also perform this technique during our meditations. When drinking water, it is very important to be aware of each step by being well aligned with what you want. We breathe calmly, we close our eyes, we take the green and we drink the water slowly. The message contained in the water will then flow gradually throughout our body; our body being largely made up of water, we will start to vibrate this new energy. The universe will then take care of the realization of your request and as for the deadlines, no need to worry about it, Let go, it is the best way to make it happen quickly. That's it for the magic glass of water technique to attract positivity, and know that if you take the time to apply it daily, to apply it regularly, you will be able to perform a real Quantum Jumping. You should know that we can also use this technique by using the opposite experience to do energy cleansing, to get rid of heavy energies, negative energy, problems, fear, or anxiety. For example, we will also write there on a piece of paper, but of course we will not write what we want and what we desire but rather everything we want to get rid of. We get rid of everything that weighs us down on the paper we leave it open or closed under a glass of water for 12 to 24 hours. You can do this before going to bed for example, and in the morning, do NOT drink this water. You take the glass of water, you pour this water out, outside preferably onto the ground, if you prefer you can do it in the sink, and the most important is to keep the intention to discharge of these heavy emotions, to get rid of this sadness, this anger, this anxiety for example. Gaia will therefore recover all these energies and recycle them. This ritual, you understood it well, will help you free yourself from negative energies, so do not hesitate to repeat the experience regularly. Now you know everything about the glass of water technique to attract positivity, to manifest wishes and desires on the one hand, and on the other to free oneself from low and and negative energies. Do not forget to listen to your intuition if you want to adapt it to your taste and make it your own ritual. Try this technique today, and fully experience the magic of this experiment. We would be delighted to have the results of your experiments in return. Do not hesitate to support us, to like or share this video, or subscribe to our channel. Thank you and see you soon. .

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